Posted on August 5, 2019

By Camila Larrea, Sales Team Pure! Chile Fjords Patagonia Chile Camila
Before, I knew very few destinations that are less visited during Chile’s high season, from September through April – until I was invited for an expedition to the Chilean Fjords, to a place called ‘Fiordo de la Montañas’ (Fjord of the Mountains). It was a trip that left me without words; I had never experienced anything like it before. Let me take you to this off-the-beaten-path area where I and the rest of the group stayed in a charming, floating accommodation.

It takes some effort to reach this magical place. Fiordo de las Montañas is located at approximately 60 kilometers of Puerto Natales in Kawesqar National Park. After a car ride, three different boat trips and two walks, we reached the basically unexplored destination. It is an authentic place surrounded by lakes and rough mountains with plenty of native flora and fauna. Moreover, the region has five impressive glaciers originating in the Sarmiento Mountain Range, called Bernal, Hernan, Encina, Paredes and Alsina.

Fjords Patagonia Chile Lake

Upon arrival to the boat, a delicious lunch made by the boat’s chef was waiting for us. This chef would prepare all our meals the coming two days and certainly takes diets and allergies into account, if communicated on forehand. With full stomachs we started our first adventure in the fjords. We were told that the climate in this area is very unpredictable, meaning travelers have to come well prepared. Luckily, we had nice water although it was pretty windy.

A motorized boat brought us to the fjord to see the glaciers from up close. Because of the wind, it was not possible to get very close by boat so we continued by foot to get as close as possible to the Bernal Glacier. It was a beautiful hike along the turquoise colored lake, extensive vegetation on the other side and impressive Andean condors flying above us. After this adventure, we went for another hike in the mountains on the other side of the fjord, where we had the opportunity to admire this natural art in its full glory. In the afternoon we returned to the boat for dinner and discussed the adventures of the day.

Fjords Patagonia Chile Fauna

The first day was pretty tiring, but comfortable and well organized. The entire time we were accompanied by the specialized, professional team existing out of experts of the area. They made the long journey and all activities an amazing experience that taught us a lot, and had all the right equipment, snacks and everything else we needed.

The boat that served as our accommodation also exceeded our expectations and was a great place to rest after the excursions. The small, wooden boat is very comfortable and is beautifully designed with only three rooms, two bathrooms, warm water showers, a kitchen and a social area. Here, I truly disconnected from my daily routine and connected with the pure nature around me – it is the perfect refuge in the middle of nowhere!

Fjords Patagonia Chile Boat

The next day, after breakfast, we headed out for another walk, this time in the rain. We went to a small cave in the upper part of a mountain where Andean condors frequently take a rest from their long flights. While resting for a moment, we enjoyed the amazing view of the fjord, the mountains and our floating accommodation that looked very small surrounded by the majesty of nature.

Afterwards, we returned to Puerto Natales, from where I returned home to Santiago de Chile filled with lots of stories to share.

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