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Discovering Colombia is always an exciting experience. Nevertheless, Pure! has created a way to make it an even bigger adventure: Pure! Cycling. This unique adventure is the result of our ambition to develop new products allowing travelers to explore our countries in innovative ways.

Tailor-made cycling program

Like all of our services, Pure! Cycling is a tailor-made program that can be adjusted according to your clients’ wishes and time availability. They have the unique opportunity to get to know colorful Colombia by bike; a wonderful experience that shows the country from a totally different perspective.

Unique travel experience

Besides being the perfect way to travel actively, Pure! Cycling also enables travelers to experience the rural culture of Colombia from within. Traveling by bike, they are more connected with the surroundings than from a car and move faster than by foot. They follow secondary roads and pass fascinating landscapes of coffee plantations, valleys, colonial haciendas, and towns. On the way, the cyclers stop in small villages and have lunch in local restaurants, creating an authentic experience.

Exploring the Coffee Triangle

With the standard program, tourists fly from Bogota to Cali and subsequently travel by car to Buga, one of the oldest colonial cities in Colombia. From here, they start their cycling trip, leading them through the Cauca Valley, National Coffee Park, Coffee Triangle, Cocora Valley, and the beautiful town Filandia, among others.

Beautiful cycling route

The amazing route leads through fairytale-like valleys, rural villages, and coffee plantations. Each cycling day is different in length, varying from 29 to 86 kilometers, and difficulty, with both challenging climbs and pleasant straight parts. The attitude of the route fluctuates more or less from 1000 meters to 2000 meters, meaning that all intermediate to advanced cyclers can join this adventure.

Exploring the Coffee Zone of Colombia by bike is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We invite your clients to join us and get to know this colorful country in a different way!

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