Best of Colombia

Discover the vibrant Colombian destinations from the Andean to the Caribbean Regions steeped with marvelous sceneries, cultural heritage, delicious gastronomy, and fascinating activities.

Day 1-4


Immerse yourself in the biggest city and the beating heart of Colombia to learn about historical insights, trendy Colombian lifestyles, and the best surrounding areas with incredible natural beauty.

Highlights to visit:

  • Sumapaz, the largest moor on Earth. 
  • La Palma, and El Tucan coffee farm in Zipacon
  • Chapinero neighborhood


Hiking | Coffee tasting | City tour

Day 5-8


Enjoy a fascinating tour through the Colombian Coffee Axis Region, in a jeep ride or horseback riding, suitable for admiring the impressive Palm Wax tree path, birdwatching, and wildlife spotting. As well as take advantage of a complete coffee farm experience.

Highlights to visit:

  • Pijao municipality 
  • Quindio


Hiking | Jeep riding | Learning coffee insights & processes | Coffee tasting | Horseback riding | Canopy

Day 9-11

Santa Marta

Discover this treasured destination with a blend of colonial charm, Tayrona cultural heritage, and natural wonders. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, incredible sceneries, marine fauna, camping areas, trekking, and much more.

Highlights to visit:

  • San Pedro Alejandrino Country House 
  • Tayrona National Park 
  • Cañaveral Beach, Arrecifes and Cabo San Juan  
  • Valencia Waterfall


Hiking | City tour | Swimming 

Day 12-14


Get captivated by the Pearl of the Caribbean, explore its magnificent historical center, and unwind in the crystal waters beaches, and exciting outdoor sports and aquatic activities.

Highlights to visit:

  • Cartagena Historical Center 
  • Tierra Bomba 
  • Rosario Island


Walking Tour | Mountain Biking | Boat Tour | Snorkeling | Swimming

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