Colombia is known for its tropical beaches, biodiversity, and colorful culture. The treasures this beautiful country offers its guests are endless; whether your clients want to experience authentic cultures, relax on exotic beaches, go mountaineering, or head into the Amazon Rainforest, everything is possible in colorful Colombia!

Its world famous coffee is another feature differing Colombia from the surrounding countries. Our product Pure! Cycling allows your clients to explore the lush green Coffee Region by bike; a unique, active experience enabling travels to get to know the off-the-beaten-path sites of this area.

10 excellent reasons to visit Colombia:

  • To experience yourself that Colombia is not a dangerous destination
  • To explore the second-most biodiverse country in the world
  • To visit its nine UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • To experience the its intangible heritage traditions listed by UNESCO
  • To taste and learn why its coffee considered the best in the world
  • To relax on paradisiac beaches at the Caribbean and Pacific Coast
  • To live the most friendly, colorful, and cheerful culture of South America
  • To understand why cycling seems to be in the blood of Colombian cyclers
  • To enjoy traditional music, dance, and other cultural expressions at one of the many festivals
  • To discover fascinating off-the-beaten-path destinations, including Caño Cristales