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Welcome to a world of polar adventures! Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing Antarctic waters by navigating luxurious cruises. Discover breathtaking destinations with the ultimate lavish, comfort and entertainment to create lasting memories. Get ready to explore the seas and experience magical moments onboard the Ocean Victory and Ocean Albatros.


ocean victory

Embark on an unforgettable journey where luxury meets sustainability. This extraordinary cruise as a comfort class certified vessel is committed to eco-friendly practices and innovative travel options. Offers spacious staterooms with panoramic views of the ocean, culinary delights at specialty restaurants, and the opportunity to relax in the lavish wellness area, immerse yourself in knowledge at the lecture lounge, and join the outdoor activities available.


ocean albatros

Prepare for an exceptional experience onboard the Ocean Albatros. Its eco-friendly structure and initiatives contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint while offering the ultimate comfort and luxury to its guests. It includes spacious cabins, all with panoramic ocean views, enjoy exquisite gastronomy in the restaurants, and relax in the wellness area, as well as all the facilities and activities available. Sail in style and elegance to discover Antarctica in an intimate setting with exceptional and personalized service.

Expeditions Activities

Lectures & Workshops

Be part of a vast of lecturers and interact with expert staff to learn more about the history, experiences, expeditions, and conservation of this ecosystem.

Zodiac Cruises

Immerse yourself in exciting navigation that brings you closer to the uncovered Antarctic regions. It is the ideal opportunity for wildlife spotting and connecting with an unparalleled polar environment.

Lectures & Workshops

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you immerse yourself in this extreme experience. During the trip to Antarctica, the guides will allow the travelers to submerge themselves in the polar water’s most suitable places. Sometimes at the shore and others jumping from the cruise gangplank.

Additional activities

Photo Program


Ice Sheet Camping




An extraordinary adventure to the southernmost part of the world awaits you! It brings colossal icebergs, unbelievable seascapes, stunning wildlife, and unpredictable polar nature, an ideal destination for adventure seekers and explorers alike.

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