Pure! Travel Group is a DMC specialized in B2B leisure and MICE tourism. Our decennia of experience in leisure tourism created a solid base for facilitating professional MICE at each of our five destinations. Nowadays, our experience and expertise enable us to offer tailor-made MICE fitting exactly our clients’ requests.

Five countries, endless possibilities

One of our advantages is that we operate in five countries in South America, enabling us to think big. If you are not sure about the location of your event or incentive travel, we assist you in deciding on the perfect destination for your event or incentive travel. Moreover, congresses or other events in one of the modern cities can be easily combined with an incentive trip to another country. We have the knowledge and capacity to create the perfect MICE of any size.

Connectivity and transportation

The MICE hubs of our destinations, like Lima and Santiago, have a very good connectivity that improves every year. Also domestic connections are efficient and make sure business travelers get the most out of their time. For shorter distances, for example during day tours, professional drivers and cars or buses of good quality create comfortable means of transportation.

Modern infrastructure in historical settings

Booming MICE destinations, like Bogota, Lima, and Quito, have all the facilities you need for professional events. These and other cities combine modern highways, luxury hotels, and fully equipped conference centers with charming colonial city centers and authentic cultural experiences. Wine tasting in Chile, visiting an Amazon community in Ecuador, and walking over the world’s largest salt flats in Bolivia, are just a few examples of the endless possibilities!

Safety and stability

We realize that it is important that the countries we operate in are politically and economically stable. Ecuador, for example, has the US Dollar as its official currency; very convenient for international business travelers. Even more important: our destinations are safe destinations for international meetings, incentive travels, successful conferences, and exhibitions.

Unique incentive experiences

Our destinations are among the most diverse countries in the world, both in terms of culture and nature. Colombia and Ecuador are top-notch birdwatching destinations, Chile’s Patagonia offers unique hiking opportunities, Bolivia is one of the most authentic countries of Latin America, and Peru’s travel opportunities are endless. And of course, our countries have destinations every traveler has on its bucket list, like Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands.

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