Andes Overland is a Pure! product of years of hard work, product development, and innovation to create an unparalleled program combining our offices’ knowledge about Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Merging four countries, 50 destinations, 10.239 kilometers, and many adventures in one amazing travel program while maintaining our high standards of service, is something only Pure! Travel Group can achieve.

72 days divided in 6 journeys

The complete Andes Overland program runs from Santa Cruz in Bolivia to Cartagena in Colombia in 72 days. It takes the tailor-made tradition of Pure! to make a program like this available for everyone by dividing the journey in six parts, allowing travelers to join or leave the group at their destination of interest.

Authentic experiences

Because your clients travel over land, this program gives them the unique opportunity to go off-the-beaten-path and get to know unexplored areas, on top of the highlights of each country. This means they have close encounters with local communities and gain authentic experiences. Passing mountain ranges, valleys, small villages, and vibrant cities, tourists discover the best of these stunning countries.

Optional activities

Although this is a group tour, travelers can select their own activities at almost every destination, most of them even last minute. The possibilities are endless: mountain biking on Death Road in Bolivia, flying over the Nazca Lines in Peru, hiking in Cajas National Park in Ecuador, and tasting coffee at a plantation in Colombia, are just a few examples.

Adventure or Comfort option

Flexibility is key for Andes Overland. Besides their excursions, tourists get to choose between two different styles of traveling. The adventure option gives your clients a true local experience while staying in charming bed & breakfasts and traveling with public transportation. The comfort option includes beautiful, characteristic hotels, and private transportation for the group. With both options, tourists are accompanied by a professional, English speaking guide throughout the whole program.

Andes Overland allows your clients to enjoy the advantages of a group program while experiencing the flexibility of a private tour and discovering unexplored places. A journey of a lifetime!

Read more on the Andes Overland website.